Fire Cover 236

Fire Cover 236

Fire Cover 236 should now have found its way to all members of the Fire Brigade Society.
If you are a member and have not received a copy please email

This edition is the first one produced by the new Editorial Team and has been well recevied by Members so far.
Also from this edition foward all content is colour (150 colour photos in issue 236) unless original content was not (i.e. old black and white photos etc).

Main content in this edition:
Focus On Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service
Surrey Preview (to AGM)
Irish Chief Officers Conference 2022
Lancashire Visit brief report
Beyond the Ladybird- looking at old Leicestershire appliances
Welsh Cities
Malta Update
German Works Brigades Part 1

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Here are a few comments received from Members after they had received 236.

"Good Evening, I received FC236. Got to say, its really good, full colour photo's, including 5 full colour photos of Bronto's, a personal highlight for me!!. Very well done to everyone."

"Fire cover has arrived - and although I've not had a chance to read it yet, I like the colour, new layout and approach, well done. Looking forward to reading it all soon.... keep up the good work.  Well done and many thanks"

"Thanks Team. The magazine arrived yesterday. Excellent piece of work."

"Many thanks for my copy of the above which arrived here today.  First impressions are that it looks pretty good, please pass on my compliments to Simon and the team.  Good to see that Leicestershire is well represented."

"Wow Col, just home to find this mag laying on my doormat. Yet to digest it but at first glance, the amount of colour pics inside looks awesome. May I submit a review once I’ve had the chance to read it cover to cover?"

"Hello Folks. Well done. Quality production of Fire Cover. Greatly improved look and content. Congratulations to all involved. The publication looks great and feels professional as I thumb through it. I do hope that you get the support you deserve from the membership."

"Landed safely excellent job and even more pleased to see my beloved Cornwall have an article."

"I received my copy of Fire Cover and I was certainly impressed with the quality of production. It was good to see all photos in colour but I was particularly pleased to see maps included in the articles - always helpful for overview and context. Altogether an excellent effort. Well done to you and the team."

"Very happy with FC, like the articles, all colour photos and articles. That's a great improvement."

"Well. Congratulations to the new team for a professional production. With this in place you’ve set the bar pretty high for future editions and will have whetted people’s appetite. Keep up the good work."

"I received my latest copy of Fire Cover this morning, congratulations to you and the editorial team in its production and distribution"

"The best quality magazine so. Thanks to everyone for their hard work."

"Great FIRE COVER arrived today – loved the colour content, and great coverage from our Cornish outings! A real change over previous issues received years back."

"Just starting to read fire cover I think you are all doing a great job keep up the great work"

"Thanks Team. The magazine arrived yesterday. Excellent piece of work."

"I have just got in and got my copy of Fire Cover. All I can say is WOW. It’s superb the all-colour pictures make a massive difference to the mag and what you all have achieved is fantastic under the circumstances. I now feel the society is in the correct hands. "

"Absolutely fantastic, worth waiting for and worth every penny. Well done everyone."

"Congratulations on a very well-produced issue of Fire Cover."

"Brilliant, best Fire Cover ever."

"All I can say is what a superb issue it is, well done for all the hard work and clearly setting a new style of FBS."

"Safely received, Colin, and an excellent production.  Hats off to the team!"

"Fire Cover 236, absolutely brilliant and even more seriously enjoyable read so pass on my congratulations to all involved."