All visits and dates indicated are provisional.
Unless stated, contact the organiser at least a minimum of 14 calendar days prior to the visit, or otherwise stated.
When writing for visit details, please include an A4 size, self-addressed, correctly stamped, envelope.
FBS Unit contact addresses appear on page1, and in the News section, of each Fire Cover.
Updated versions of FBS Whats On will be posted on this website.
Some events may have specific conditions and closing dates applied.
A valid membership card must be produced on all Society events.
Attendance at all Society events requires compliance with The Society's Constitution and Membership Rules, links are below.

Updated 30th June 2020
The spread of Coronavirus and escalation of measures to contain it will inevitably affect The Society’s activities in 2020.
The opportunity to return to cancelled events in The Society’s 2021-2023 years will be explored.
FBS What’s On, Issue 4, reflects the current status of FBS visits and events and further issues will be posted as necessary.
The Fire Brigade Society's Executive Supervisory Board.