999 Day
Emergency Services Day

Celebrating our 999 Heroes.

Traditionally Friday 9th September is Emergency Services Day but this year it has been postponed to today (19th October 2022) -the purpose being to celebrate the work of the staff and volunteers within the NHS, Police, Fire & Rescue, Ambulance, Maritime (Coastguards and Lifeboats) and Search and Rescue (Mountain, Lowland, Mines and Cave).

Also we need to remember the 7500 plus members of these services that have lost their lives in the line of duty in the last 200 years.

Over 2 million people work and volunteer across the Emergency sectors in the UK.

The 999Day also educates the public on life-saving skills, promotes career and volunteering opportunities across all Emergency sectors and educates how to use the emergency services responsibly.

See the 999Day website here.