FRSLINKS4U….FIVE - February 2021

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As stated in FRSLINKS4U….ONE, the FBS Publications Unit will be regularly posting on this web site links to fire related videos for you to enjoy during ‘lockdowns’ recoveries’ and ‘the new normal's’.

Welcome to the fifth set of videos.
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The Fire Brigade Society’s Publications Unit
February 2021

Interschutz is the five-yearly show where manufactures and providers of services to all aspects of fire and rescue showcase their products. Regrettably the world-wide pandemic resulted in the 2020 show being cancelled. It was hoped that the show would take place in June 2021, but again this has been cancelled due to the continuing Covid-19 pandemic. It is now proposed that Interschutz will now take place from June 20th to 25th 2022.

For the start of FRSLINKS4U….FIVE we bring you news from the manufacturers…the best we can do to make up for the cancellation of Interschutz!

(1) Ziegler's brand new Z-Class generation is said to be a milestone for airport firefighting. The chassis provides ‘stepless’ transmission, continuous drive and outstanding acceleration. This Airfield Rescue and Fire Fighting Vehicle (ARFFV) has been tested intensively to ensure the companies claims.





(2) Continuing with Ziegler and this time their ‘ALPAS’, the latest generation of their fire fighting vehicle superstructure / bodywork, providing increased longevity and stability. ‘ALPAS boasts up to 30% less weight and up to 10% more room / volume.

(3) An now a look at West Yorkshire based Angloco with the son of the company's founder, Alistair Brown, Managing Director. The video contains shots of the MAN 4 X 4 Airfield Rescue and Fire Fighting vehicles the company is building and providing full life care of for the Ministry of Defense. 

(4) Another manufacturer’s ‘youtube’ video, this time looking at Emergency One (UK) which includes the 'E1 Scorpion' High Reach Extending Turret (HRET) which is featured in Fire Cover 231.

(5) On 23rd, September 2020, Rosenbauer launched the RT (Revolutionary Technology), the first hybrid fire engine. This was presented to the public for the first time at a spectacular launch event at the Ars Electronica in Linz, Austria. After a presentation of the pioneering project in ‘Deep Space 8k’, the first three customer vehicles for the Berliner Feuerwehr (Berlin), Brandweer Amsterdam-Amstelland and Dubai Civil Defense set off from Rosenbauer's headquarters through downtown Linz to the AEC, where on the Main deck they were able to demonstrate their special features to guests at first hand. Fire Cover has followed the development of this vehicle and in No 230 FBS International member, Serge Amores y Martinez Armoré, provided a technical feature on the vehicles at the launch.
Feuerwehr Berlin’s RT (designate as a 'eLHF') mobilising - note the low noise emission.

(6) On 28th October 2016, at 2:32 pm CDT, a Boeing 767-300, registration N345AN, scheduled as American Airlines flight 383 bound for Miami, Florida, experienced an uncontained right engine failure and subsequent fire during its takeoff ground roll on runway 28R at Chicago O'Hare International Airport. The flight crew aborted the takeoff and stopped the aircraft on the runway and an emergency evacuation was conducted. Of the 161 passengers and 9 crew members onboard, one passenger received serious injuries during the evacuation and another 19 experienced minor injuries. The airplane was substantially damaged by the fire. This ‘dash camera’ video is from on-board Crash Truck No 2 responding to engine fire. Of note is the tilt alarm sounding on every turn and roll. Physics is very unfriendly to high centre-of-gravity vehicles full of sloshing water, particularly when combined with an adrenaline-fueled driver experiencing the urgency to deal with the incident! It is interesting to note that a common theme in National Transport Safety Board interviews was that the fire fighters responding didn't remember hearing the tilt alarm.

(7) This video surveillance camera footage is of a British Airways engine fire at McCarran International Airport on 8th September 2015. British Airways flight 2276 was a scheduled international passenger flight from Las Vegas, Nevada to London, England. The left side GE90 engine exploded in flames at take-off. As well as air traffic communications fire fighting operations feature in the video. All 170 people on board survived, but 20 were injured. The aircraft suffered damage to a section of its forward fuselage, but was repaired and returned to commercial passenger service in March 2016.
McCarran International Airport is in Paradise, Nevada, and is the main government airport for public use in the Las Vegas Valley, a metropolitan area in the U.S. state of Nevada, some 5 miles south of Downtown Las Vegas.

(8) The last three FRSLINKS4U....FIVE are British Pathe News films shown in cinemas at that time. This British Pathe News film, from 1965, features a group of enthusiasts and their immaculately preserved fire engines in Billinghurst, West Sussex, England. Note the comments about how the ‘professionals’ view this operation’!

(9) Another 'classic' British Pathe News film from1957featuring the County Borough of East Ham Fire Brigade's 'Frogmen Firemen'. Note the Austin Wayfair ambulance, which cost under £600 at the time, the equipment carried and treatment carried out and compare this to today's ambulances and paramedic skills. We have come a long way?

(10) This 1964 British Pathe News film, titled ‘Fire Engine Mascot’, features the ‘crash crew’ at United States Air Force base Mildenhall with their ‘mascot fire engine’ an Austin Seven. Note the use of post Second World War ‘Link 51’, bronze coloured slotted angle iron, manufactured in Brierley Hill, in the bodywork! Although filmed in ‘slap-stick-mode’ some excellent views of the crash line-up on the base at that time are featured.

That's all folks!................No rushing for the doors before the national anthem is played! Those were the days?