Fire Cover 235

Fire Cover 235

 Fire Cover 235 is on its way, that’s if it has not already arrived. This edition is the last of the 2021-2022 Society year. We hope you find something of interest in235.

The Editorial Team took over the production of Fire Cover in the Autumn of 2002, issue 157, with Mike Smith, Mike Bunn, Clive Shearman and Ralph Horton as the Editors. When Clive Sherman stood down as an Editor in March 2008 Les Edkins joined the Team. Mike Bunn stood down in November 2013. Throughout the 20 year the Editorial Team has produced The Society’s publications, Mike Smith and Ralph Horton (as the Managing Editor) have been at the 'core' of the team.

Whilst the Editorial Team have been in office they have produce 78 Fire Covers, 4 supplements to Fire Cover and 7 Special Publications, including the largest special at 134 pages, that being Merryweather & Sons Ld.

Although the present Editorial Team’s term was not due conclude until March 2023, with the realisation that the average age of the Editors is nearing 75 and after very serious consideration the Editors decided to stand down in December 2021.

However, as a gesture of good will and to ensure members received what was due to them for The Society, the Editors offered to produce this Fire Cover. So this is the last edition of Fire Cover to be published by the current team.

It is also the last edition to be distributed by The Society’s Distribution Manager Richard Williams who has also stood down.

Without the support, over the past 20 years, from all the various contributors to Fire Cover we would not have been able to deliver our journal to the membership and we thank them all for this.

As an 'interest group', to produce Fire Cover we have to work with a commercial company, our printers. MP Printers (Thame) Ltd has produced Fire Cover over the 20 years of the Editorial Team and we would like to thank them, and those who have worked with us over those years; Leo Shairp; Liz Shairp; Mike Pease and Phil Pease for their professional and always pleasant service.

We close in wishing you all the best for the future.

Les Edkins, Mike Smith, Ralph Horton (from the Editorial Team) and Richard Williams (from FBS Distribution).