Fire Cover- The Future- Survey Results


In Fire Cover 232 members were asked to engage in a survey regarding the future format of Fire Cover.

Members were asked to indicate their preferred option for the future to either receive Fire Cover in hardcopy, as at present, or in electronic format.

A total of 238 members (59% of the membership) returned their survey, 146 by post (61% of returns) and 92 electronically (39% of returns).

The result of the survey revealed the following:

216 members wish to continue to receive Fire Cover in hardcopy format (91% of survey returns).

20 members indicated that they would receive Fire Cover in electronic format (9% of survey returns).

There were two invalid returns, one where an email to FBSevote had no survey form attached and one postal return with no name, signature or membership number quoted.

At the time of the survey The Society’s membership permitted to vote stood at 402.

The stamps on the envelopes have been donated to charity and the envelopes have been shredded and composted.

Members are thanked for their participation.

Les Edkins, Mike Smith, Ralph Horton.


The Editorial Team


The Fire Brigade Society’s Publications Unit                                                             August 2021