FRSLINKS4U….FOUR - Christmas 2020

We trust you continue to be well and safe?

As stated in FRSLINKS4U….ONE, the FBS Publications Unit will be regularly posting on this web site links to fire related videos for you to enjoy during ‘lockdown’ recovery’ and ‘the new normal’.
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  • These videos have been selected for both enjoyment and education.
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If you can suggest other such youtube’ videos please email the link to: fbsfirecover@gmail.com with the title ‘FRSLINKS4U’. Thank you and we look forward to your submissions. We need your input to continue.

We hope you enjoy the following.

Please keep safe, stay alert and protect all our health service workers and the other key workers we rely on so heavily in these continuing challenging times.

The Fire Brigade Society’s Editorial Team.                                                                                  December 2020


(1) A special video for the 10th anniversary of this TV channel, recorded over a 10 year period. The video features some of the largest emergency vehicles from professional fire brigades and works fire brigades in Germany,.

The following vehicles can be seen: The video starts with the deployment of 'Control Vehicle 2', of Karlsruhe fire brigade, based on a Neoplan N4426 3Ü. Universal fire fighting vehicle (ULF) 7000 / 2000 / 240  tanker fire fighting vehicle (TroTLF) of the Hanau-Wolfgang works fire brigade (in service with the Evonik Röhm works fire brigade since 2017), Scania G 480, 8x2.  Scaffolding / Rail Rescue Vehicle (RW-S) BF, from Stuttgart, on Mercedes-Benz Actros 2548 chassis. Large Tanker fire engine, 10 (GTLF 10), from Frankfurt, on a Mercedes Benz Actros 2541L, 6x2, chassis. A special fire-fighting vehicle (SLF 65/52/44 + 180k) of the works fire brigade of InfraServ, Wiesbaden, on a MAN TGA 28.440 chassis. A High Reach Appliance (TMB 52 RPX), of the InfraServ works fire brigade, Wiesbaden, on a MAN TGS 35.480 8x4-4 BL chassis. A GTLF 10 / TLF 48 / 100-20, from Wiesbaden, on a Mercedes Benz 2628 AF, 6x6, chassis. An Aerial Ladder Platform, 54 (TM 54), of Dortmund fire brigade, on a Mercedes-Benz Actros 2641 8x4. This vehicle was seen on The Society's last visit to Dortmund. Universal Fire Fighting Vehicle, (ULF) 3000 / 4000 / 750 /1 80, of Infraserv Höchst works fire brigade, on a Mercedes-Benz Antos 3551 L (8x2) chassis. An Airfield Fire Fighting Vehicle, (GFLF 100 / 125-8-5P), from Fraport AG, a Ziegler Titan 52.1400, 8x8. Airfield Fire Fighting Vehicle, GFLF 60 / 125-15-5P / Rosenbauer Simba-HRET 12.500 / 1.500 / 500-Foamatic / 8x8), from Fraport AG, Titan 49.1200 / 8x8. A Rescue Tender, (RW-K), from Ludwigshafen, on a Scania R400 CB, 6x4, MSA chassis.

(2) On 10th May, 2020, a fire occurred in several warehouses in Flohrstrasse, Berlin-Tegel. The Berlin fire brigade increased 'the keyword to fire-16' (make pumps 16) with water supplies. Various SW and TLF were alerted for the water supply. Tegel Airport, was also called to provide support with two FLF.

(3) In this video you can see the deployment of the Düsseldorf airport fire brigade, the Düsseldorf professional fire brigade and various aid organizations to an exercise. There are around 430 take-offs and landings at Düsseldorf on Saturdays. Passengers were informed via announcements that the disaster scenario on the tarmac was just an exercise. Air traffic continued as normal. The crews and passengers of the arriving and departing aircraft were also advised of the training event. The exercise team simulated how an airplane rolls on the runway when suddenly an overflying helicopter starts to spin due to a defective tail rotor and crashes. It falls 20 metres and catches fire. There are dead and injured. A little later rescuers are at the scene of the accident, fighting the fire, recovering the victims and looking after them. Aides also take care of witnesses who are in shock. Actors were employed as passengers, injured, traumatized and relatives. The exercise was intended to review the airport security plans. “Everything went as planned. The evaluation will show what was good and what still needs to be improved, ”said airport spokesman Thomas Kötter. One focus of the accident exercise was the cooperation between the airport and the various emergency services from the police, fire brigade, paramedics and pastoral workers as well as the other responsible authorities. The airport's crisis team also took part. 0:00 start of exercise.0:18 the airport fire department drives.1:53 fire fighting attack with the Panther.2:38 2 WLF of the airport fire brigade.3:18 KdoW Head of the airport fire department.3:53 Federal Police emergency vehicle.4:02 am Rescue equipment from the Düsseldorf fire department and various aid organizations.6:23 Federal Police emergency vehicle.7:06 Stop.

(4) Hong Kong Fire Service - responding and a compilation of the best of their Dennis RSs.

(5) A selection of Dennis Rapiers in the Netherlands responding.

(6) An incident attended by Glasgow Fire Brigade in the 1970s.

(7) A film produced by Argon Films in 1979 featuring Bury Fire Brigade.

(8) Major alarm at Frankfurt Airport December 2019: This video shows the safe landing of a Boeing 767-400. All of the airport's Airfield Fire Fighting Vehicle and Frankfurt am Main fire brigade were deployed immediately. A large number of emergency vehicles formed into position. Several large (GFLF) are involved. The aircraft is brought into a parking position under the supervision of the Airport fire brigade. The aircraft's landing gear is cooled using two fans. In addition, units of the air traffic control, the rescue service, the ZOLL, the federal police and the state police were in attendance.

(9) An Austin Gypsy in action in Cornwall in 1961.

(10) And finally one for Christmas...The 2018 Christmas Fire Truck Parade, with siren's, lights ,music, in Wallington NJ, USA, their 17th Annual Holiday Parade.

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