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Please keep safe, stay alert and protect all our health service workers and the other key workers we rely on so heavily in the continuing challenging times.

The Fire Brigade Society’s Editorial Team.                                                                                  August 2020


(1) Sapeurs Pompiers de Paris (BSPP) operate this MAN TGS 33-440 / Pumper Tanker built by Gimaex for supporting large fire in the capital. It was videoed in Avenue de la Grande Armée, during a parade on 14th July 2018. It is understood that this, or similar vehicles, helped fire fighting operations on 15 April 2019 when fire broke out beneath the roof of Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral in Paris. A second identical vehicle can also be seen in the video.

(2) A collection of turnouts from 2018. January - Heavy Rescue (RW) Lüneburg.Fire fighting convoy, Command, two Rescue-Engine  and Ladder, Munich Station 1. February - Command and Rescue Engine Munich Station 7. March - London Fire Brigade (LFB), Soho fire station full response.LFB Command Support Unit (CSU) Islington fire station.LFB Pump-Ladder Soho fire station.3x London Metropolitan Police.1x London Metropolitan Police.2x London Metropolitan Police motorbikes.Children's Intensive Care Ambulance responding.Lüneburg Fire Department structure fire response, Rescue Engine, Ladder, Engine, Command, Air-Unit, Engine. April - Large scale anti-terror exercise "LELEX" in Munich.Forest fire drill in Grossarl. Command, Rescue Engine and ladder Recklinghausen. responding. May - Large scale fire drill in Hohenwart.Tones, turnout and fire and fighting-convoy Erfurt.Police Car and Water Rescue Truck Düsseldorf responding. June - Wildeshausen turns out for an aircraft rescue.Neuss convoy response.Fire trucks responding to a large fire in Bönen.Hamm turnsout. July - Oberhausen fire fighting convoy.August - Minden.Bad Oeynhausen, Rescue, ladder and ambulance turnout. September - HazMat fire drill in Buchholz.Rastede volunteer engine.Frankfurt. October - Dortmund Technical Rescue.Krefeld, two rescue engines, ladder and tanker responding.Bad Oeynhausen Rescue Engine, ladder, tanker and ambulance responding.New Red Cross ambulance responding in Lüneburg.Command and two Rescue Engines, Augsburg. November - Technical Rescue fire drill near Freising. December - Rescue engine of Vechta.Fire fighting convoy, Lüdenscheid. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0hX0U4Uyk8k

(3) Since 26th June 2020, the French Civil Security Instruction and Intervention Units (UIISC) have been participating in 'Operation Héphaïstos' which has been taking place every year during the summer period since 1984. Aiming at fighting forest fires, the the operation took several weeks of training. Each year, the Army takes part in the fight against forest fires in the Mediterranean area within the inter-ministerial operation Héphaïstos. Civil security, engineering, third dimension, are all areas in which it uses its know-how for the benefit of the population and the protection of the territory. It concerns 23 departments in the South of France. UIISCs 1, 5, and 7, specializing in the fight against pollution, floods, technological, radioactive, bacteriological and toxic risks, and forest fires are involved. No less than 50 soldiers, 3 helicopters and 20 vehicles are permanently engaged in prevention missions such as prescribed burning, surveillance, and support for the fight against the outbreak of fires. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=45&v=ks61VrCvesU&feature=emb_logo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v_ncUeXqH8s

(4) Filmed in Brighton in 1951, the first of the 'smaller fire engines'........'Brigade Response Vehicles'?

(5) Filmed on 5th August 2018, Polish fire fighters leaving Sweden, Dziękuję Wam, with warm thanks from onlookers for helping with the biggest wildfire in the history of Sweden.
Sweden requested assistance from other countries in the European Union (through ERCC and EADRCC) to help out with the situation.
In the third video, on 22 July 2018, is features a massive convoy with over 40 fire engines, over 130 fire fighters and personnel from Poland when they past Uppsala, Sweden heading north.



(6) The Fire museum at Alsace, a historical region in north-eastern France on the Rhine River plain, bordering Germany and Switzerland.


(7) Special Services Firemen demonstrating their work in 1960.


(8) LCC fire call in 1952.


(9) The Firefighter's Progress , LCC London Fire Brigade in 1936.


(10) Fordingbridge fire station, Hampshire, turning out in1960.


(11) Thames TV footage of Surrey Fire Brigade turning out.

(12) The last video in this group, the Managing Editors choice, is titled 'A 1900 Victorian Time Machine - Extended Ride Through Town in England' which is filmed from trams. The film has been speed corrected and has added added sound by artist 'Poison Garden', the song being 'New London 1817', from the Album 'A Victorian Carol'. This film is from the Mitchell and Kenyon collection.

The sign on the first tramcar says 'Dean Chemist, Scotland Road ' and this business was in Rochdale, Lancashire. So it is reasonable to assume the filming was in, or about, that area.

You may ask why should I watch this video and 'take the journey'?

Watch carefully because approximately 1minute 40 seconds in the tram passes, to the right, a fire station with an horse drawn steamer and horse drawn ambulance posed for the camera.

Prior to the fire station clip, it has been discovered that the tram was travelling along Edenfield Road, Norden, in the direction of Edenfield. The church of St Paul's is visible on the right near the end of the clip. It is understood that many of the houses and features are still there today.

Does this give a clue to the fire station featured? Let the Editorial Team know if you can enlighten us further.


That's all folks!

Please send us the links to your favourite 'youtube' fire videos.


As we prepared to publish this FRSLINKS4U, Stuart Brandrick alerted us to a video of the recent fire at the The Cadbury Club, on Bournville Lane, Bournville, Birmingham, on the 14th August 2020. Emergency services were called at 16:45hours on that day, to what was a 'significant fire'.