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As stated in FRSLINKS4U….ONE, the FBS Publications Unit will be regularly posting on this web site links to fire related videos for you to enjoy during ‘lockdown recovery’ and ‘the new normal’.
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Please keep safe, stay alert and protect all our health service workers and the other key workers we rely on so heavily in the present challenging times.

The Fire Brigade Society’s Editorial Team.
June 2020


(1) Sunday 31st May 2020 was London History Day and this year's had a theme of 'resilience'. To mark the occasion the London Fire Brigade Museum released this fascinating new video, hosted by the museum's curators. Posted with acknowledgement to Howard Davis.

(2) The following video shows French fire fighters demonstrating, to a group of school children, the task of extinguishing a car fire....that was before it all went disastrously wrong! Five firefighters in the truck were injured and taken to hospital. However, no spectators were injured.

(3) On the 20th April 2020, in Gummersbach, Germany, (near to Wuppertal) a huge forest fire threatened devastation to a large area. It was stated as being the worst forest fire of the past decades in the Oberberg area. A large fire service commitment was augmented by airfield fire engines. Subsequently a 24-year-old man from Gummersbach admitted to police that he may have set fire to dried up vegetation at the site of the fire's outbreak by throwing away a cigarette butt.

(4) On the 21st April 2020 another huge forest fire, on the German / Dutch border area, command a large attendance including helicopters to enable 'water bombing'. The 'assembly point' shown in the video was a former military site near the fire ground.

(5) In one of the videos in FRSLINKS4U….ONE , a fire appliance called a 'Turboloscher' was seen, in convoy, on its way to an incident.
What's a 'Turboloscher' you may ask!
The following video shows this impressive vehicle in use a Chempark Works Fire Brigade, Dormagen, exercise on 14th March 2015. Dormagen is situated between Düsseldorf, Cologne and Mönchengladbach. The exercise simulated a 'product leak' during a reloading process. Using 'special right' and 'right of way', the simulated emergency was successfully dealt with in approximately 30 minutes.

(6) This video follows the production of the American Pierce Enforcer fire truck from the very first step, the construction of the chassis and to the final acceptance by the customer.

(7) The following is not a 'youtube' video, but a short clip from the BBC covering the story of the 1970 fire on the Britannia Bridge, the railway bridge linking Anglesey to the rest of Wales. It includes an interview with one of the perpetrators, proving that the act was not a political act, as it was seen at the time, but just a prank that went wrong. The fire destroyed the bridge totally and it was not rebuilt until 1972. This had disastrous effects on transport to and from the island.

(8) One for those interested in 'airside' fire vehicles. This video shows Volkan Fire Fighting's new Lion 6 X 6 Airfield Rescue and Fire Fighting Vehicle undergoing approval testing. Volkan Fire Fighting is based in Turkey.

(9) We hope you will pardon this last video.....as it is not fire related! As you will be aware our Managing Editor writes the 'Fire Scale' model feature in our journal 'Fire Cover' and he felt that the model in this video was so 'incredible' it warrants being included in our listing. As an accomplished modeller he could only describe this as 'outstanding'!

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